Objects in the mirror…

It’s a cold morning in the high desert. Not the kind of cold that hurts, but the kind you welcome like a trusted friend… (the thermometer reads 18 degrees)

Welcome to the “loneliest highway in America.”


For me, this is motorcycle perfection.

The road stretched out as far as the eye can see…

Harley Davison’s 110 cubic inch V-Twin is “singing out it’s one note song” (thank you Bob Segar) a tune, by the way that no other motorcycle can sing!

Cruise locked. No traffic. Wide open space.


On a stretch of road like this you have time to think, reflect, and just take in the beauty that’s around you. The cares of this world fade as quickly as the road behind. All is right inside your little “helmet world.”



All the while glancing to the left and right, spying out the next photo op.


Perfect lighting. Perfect background. Perfect subject matter.


Meet “The Eagle” ~  2009 Harley CVO Road Glide.


Breathing in this scenery mile after mile is good medicine for me.

“I’m sure what’s ahead is going to be more amazing that what’s left behind” I say to myself. “But how can it get any better than this?!?!?!?!?!”

Then, at that very moment I glanced in my mirror.



“What’s behind me is actually more beautiful than what’s ahead of me…”

Ponder that thought for just a moment…  

…no, really.

Think about those words for a moment!

In a surreal second inside my helmet that was my exact thought…

“Maybe I’ve already seen the best stuff”

Should I go the other way?

Go back?

“What if where I’m going is not as beautiful as where I’ve been” I thought.

Indecision (a talent that I’ve mastered in my life)


“Yes, I think I should re-route.”

As that thought percolated inside my head I slowly glanced up to the sky…


Whoa again…

A nearly frozen tear welled up inside my helmet.

I AM going the right direction!

It’s a sign.

Keep going.

At that moment I knew what was ahead was going to be better.

…and trust me, it was.

Welcome to Zion.





IMG_2223 IMG_2122

Yes, what was ahead for me was certainly more beautiful than what I saw in my mirror.

(insert etherial harp transition here) ™

Do you feel like the best of part your life is behind you?

Maybe you blew it.

A failed marriage. Poor health. Bankrupt.

You might have even made the poor choice that got you to where you are today but guess what… the “good ol days” can be your worst enemy and keep you from God’s best TODAY!

No matter what you’ve done THESE can be your best days!

What’s ahead for you can be better than what’s in your mirror.

Don’t lose heart.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t look back.

Here come better days…


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