Travel at your own risk!

Ever touch a hot stove with your bare hands?  Ouch… Lesson learned. The good news is you won’t put your bare hand on a hot stove again… that burns.

How about taking a big risk? Ever do that and get really burned?
Guessing that’s a yes too.

Maybe that relationship where you put your heart on the line only to get it handed back to you in pieces.

Maybe you opened up that small business you always dreamed of but still lost everything.

Risks are just that… Risky.  Sometimes they burn us really bad.  But sometimes they bring the greatest reward. That’s what I found on a recent ride to the Smokey Mountains.
I had seen Parson’s Branch Road on the map and I could tell it was going to be a great… these are the roads I look for, route around, and go out of my way to find because they “usually” bring the greatest reward. This was the sign that greeted me when I pulled up… 🙂
I stopped to take the gratuitous picture and hopped back on Exodus only to me met by THIS sign 200 feet later.  (this is when I heard the Dragnet theme in my head) Dummmmm  duh duh Dummmmmm.
“Travel at your own risk”
Most of America travels this beautiful country on major interstates because we’re in a big ol hurry.  When you ride a motorcycle you make every effort to get off the beaten path. This is where you’ll find the best roads, the most beautiful scenery, and the most interesting wild life (some of it human) and when you ride a dual sport bike like the R1200GS you REALLY look for roads off the beaten path… dirt, gravel, forest, single track, etc. This is after all, what these bikes were made for.
At this point I had to make a choice…  do I stop and go back the easy way or do I “take the risk”  The sign was a bit ominous to be honest but I sat there, said a quick prayer, and threw roosters like nobody’s business. (that’s probably an overstatement but you get the idea)
Over the next several miles I was met with some pretty challenging roads with giant rocks, rutted, washed out, water crossings (lost count how many) but this road lead me to some amazing scenery and the tranquility that you cannot find on the “big road.”
Beautiful. Peaceful. Tranquil.
Can I encourage you to let go of the fear that’s holding you back today? Those little voices inside your head that say “you can’t” will keep you from reaching your highest potential or realizing your dream…  take the risk. I know it’s scary but if you don’t one day you’ll look back and be left with “if only.”
Oh, and my ride down Parsons Branch Road??
Was the Risk worth it?
Take a look at the pictures and you tell me. Comment below.
2015-06-29 13.39.07-1
2015-06-29 13.38.56 2015-06-30 14.50.00-1 2015-06-29 12.22.50 2015-06-29 12.36.46-1

2015-06-29 12.54.45

8 thoughts on “Travel at your own risk!

  1. I would be the type of person to not take the risk,…and miss out on the great things you have discovered.
    Absolutely, great post. I love your writing.
    This is very nice!! Just make sure I’m on the next ride! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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