You’re sooo close…

Have you ever been “so close” that you could just taste it?

Maybe you’ve been working hard to lose that weight but you’re not quite there…

You thought that “special someone” would have shown up by now but they are MIA…

That life long dream that just won’t go away still hasn’t happened yet…

Don’t quit!  You’re closer than you think.

I’ve been there. I AM there. Let me explain  (but the story has pictures so don’t panic)

To celebrate my 50th Birthday I set out to ride my motorcycle in all 50 States… It was a crazy idea but an epic birthday needs an epic challenge right? So the planning started…

This route, that route, this week, that map, etc… it was a dance of schedules, timing, and making sure I not only checked off all 50 states but got some EPIC roads and scenery along the way. (and I’m using the word epic a lot, sorry)

To kick things off I started in America’s 50th state… Hawaii. And the first place I wanted to ride was the Road To Hana.

This is pretty much the view on the entire trip around the island.

IMG_5658So many places to pull off and take a little hike to waterfalls. Or, stand on top of them. But the spiders? Oh man… “arachnophobia is real y’all” ® 


I really enjoyed the Road to Hana but the ride up to the top of Mt Haleakala was EPIC. (yes, epic)


It’s like being on another planet but absolutely beautiful.


IT’S COLD up here in February!!! 10,350 ft elevation.


And what would a trip to Hawaii be without at least one picture of a surfer dude hangin’ ten?  (insert dreamy harp transition to make a blog point here) ™ I wonder how many times this guy bit it before he learned to surf like this? Thousands I’m sure. I’m guessing there were times when he wanted to give up and quit.

Guess what? He never quit.IMG_5877

So here I am barely one month into the year and already the hardest state is done (so i think) and Hawaii would be the ONLY state that I would not ride my own bike in…  Meet Genesis, my 2012 BMW K1600GTL. She will get me to the other 49.


For the next few month’s over the course of 3 separate trips I would click off ALL lower 48 States burning up 14,513 miles over the course of 27 days of riding… several tires, lots of gas, pounds of beef jerky (don’t judge me) and thousands of pictures later and BAM! The Lower 48 is complete… (and a pic to prove it) Hawaii is done. BAM!  Man, I’m “so close.”


Only ONE State to go.  Alaska. My “plan” was to ride up from NorCal but it wasn’t long after the planning started that my life took an unexpected turn.

Job change.

Move to Texas.


New plan.

While I was excited about the new opportunity in Texas I also knew it meant pausing this dream for a while… and I even wondered if I should “just let it go…”  Now you have the “Frozen” song stuck in your head don’t you? Your welcome. 

Back to our story…

I love how God reminds of of how He is with us sometimes… this rainbow met me on my first morning in Hawaii as I started my crazy journey and I really felt like it was a “sign” that my crazy idea was on track.


Fast forward to March of 2014 (just after realizing that Alaska was not going to be possible because of the move) this happened outside my office in NorCal

Oh, and it just happened to be my Birthday! 


…and this one turned into a DOUBLE rainbow as well.


Another sign.

Soooooooo…  It’s now July 2015 and here I am exactly ONE YEAR after my “planned” trip to Alaska. Do I just give up on the Idea? Call it quits after 49 states???  (cue the superhero orchestrated background music here) ©

Here’s the cool way God works in our lives. While I was disappointed that I could not make the Alaska trip last year I think I’m actually better equipped to make the trip now. Not only physically but now I now have a much better bike for the trip!

Meet Exodus ~ 2005 R1200GSDSC03471

This is the BEST BIKE IN THE WORLD for an epic ride to Alaska! This is exactly what the GS was built for.

(insert dreamy harp transition to make a blog point again here) ™

Sometimes we think a delay is a setback, but really it’s preparation for something better.

Now it makes more sense… I wasn’t ready. Or, my bike wasn’t ready. Maybe God spared me from something tragic?  I trust He knows best.

You might  think that sounds crazy but even though I REALLY wanted to go last year I choose to believe that it wasn’t the right time. Maybe now is?

I heard someone once say that “if you want to make God laugh just tell Him your plans.”

I know this is a silly dream compared to some of life’s real challenges but the principles are the same. If you wait, stay faithful, do your best, trust God’s timing, then “…at just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

Don’t quit.


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