Seasons Change…

Summers in South Texas are BRUTAL!

They say “it’s not the heat but the humidity” but that’s horse hockey. It’s BOTH!

Let’s be honest though… it’s mostly the humidity.

Texas is awesome in many ways but it’s the people who make Texas awesome.

Like this guy… Bud The Pie Man.


And these guys…

Erik (crazy eyes) Garrison.
Reed (laying in a ditch) Hall
And Jon (let’s stuff ourselves into a NYC subway instead of taking Uber) Swearingen
And Mr Mutt (who doesn’t even need a last name)

Oh yea, and Batman lives next door to me RIGHT HERE IN TEXAS!


Yes, the people in Texas are awesome.

Can’t forget the food either… This State knows food!

2013-10-26 11.49.13

And yes, the state “swagger” is obvious in Texas.


2013-10-26 19.16.18-1

Something about this state and it’s people who are really special but…

 …the summer weather really sucks!  


Point made…  now back to our story.

 In Southeast Texas where the Gulf of Mexico is just “over yonder” the summer season seems to run from early April through late October. Not kidding. This hot summer season never seems to end!

~ cue the transitional point of the blog music here ~

Life is like that too.  Some seasons in life feel like they will NEVER change.

Especially the seasons we like the least (like VERY long, hot summers in Texas)

Maybe you feel this way right now.

You have the worst job EVER and desperately want this season to change.

You’ve prayed for a healing but NOTHING has changed.

You keep waiting for that “special someone” but the loneliness never changes.

The mountain of debt you face makes you wonder if it will EVER change.

Sound familiar?

Tom Petty got it right… “you take it on faith, you take it to the heart, but the waiting is the hardest part”

Waiting is hard… especially when you’re in a season of life that’s as miserable as riding a motorcycle in 107 degree Texas heat… you just want to get OFF and you want off RIGHT NOW.

Trust me, if you keep living… keep doing your best… keep moving forward, and keep your faith this season WILL change and the opening line of that Tom Petty song will be your new season.

“Oh baby, don’t it feel like heaven right now
Don’t it feel like something from a dream…”

Yes, it’s been a LONG HOT SUMMER but I promise… seasons change.

2013-10-17 08.17.28-1 2013-11-02 13.24.29

2013-10-17 10.18.34-1


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