Mountains or Beach?

So which do YOU prefer? Mountains or Beach?

If you poll a few of your friends I’m pretty sure you’ll get a VERY fast answer to that. Most people seem to have a preference between the two… some will say Beach immediately. Some will say Mountains without hesitation.  Me?  Well…

I’m sitting on the Beach in Dana Point, California as I write this on a beautiful April Day. I’m actually “working” from the beach today and I have to admit it’s pretty heavenly.

Photo Apr 26, 3 37 29 PM

Their is just something about the breeze, the smell of salt air, sand in your toes, and the sound of the waves lapping on shore that just transports you to another place… a happy place.

I mean c’mon…   click this, close your eyes, and just soak this in for 60 seconds.

Sitting here, I watched as this little girl giggled and screamed for joy each time the waves would wash up and tickle her little feet…  I’m not sure who was having more fun… her, grandmother, or ME watching the two of them enjoy every second. THIS was perfect peace in action.

Photo Apr 26, 4 02 18 PM

The beaches of Southern California have a special place in my heart because it was HERE that I spent countless nights on my knees… talking to God… asking for help… asking if He was real…  hoping he would answer… and He did. That was 35 years ago.

On the Beach.

A lot has changed in 35 years but one thing has not… I love the Pacific Coast Beach.

So which is it?  Mountains or Beach?

To get here I rode Exodus through some mountains because…  well, I LOVE to ride and I LOVE the mountains. Win/Win right?!?!


Paved roads, dirt roads, it doesn’t matter to me because I’m in the Mountains, I’m on my bike, and this is the place where I can just get lost in the beauty and goodness. Literally.   The smell of pine, the vistas, the views, the wildlife…  when you’re out here it’s easy to leave all the cares of the world behind and find a place of peace.


…and whatever cool things you can find along the way.


One of the things I love about the mountains is the different views you get depending on which direction you’re going.  You just have to take the time to stop and appreciate what each has to offer.

E-MirrorSo then…  I’m guessing Chuck prefers Mountains over Beach right?



This week I had the privilege of visiting with some friends who are re-doing a really nice home here in Laguna Beach… a home pretty much ON the beach.  It has incredible views of the Pacific Ocean, Treasure, Island, The City itself, Catalina Island, and you can even see the Palos Verdes Peninsula from their deck.

Did I mention the VIEW????

I stood there just taking it all in and I pretty much had sensory overload…  But I felt PEACE there.  Beach peace. God’s peace.

Photo Apr 26, 3 41 59 PM

I also had the opportunity to spend time at a home in the Mountains this week too…  It’s a small cottage in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  At 2000 feet you’re really starting to “feel” like you’re leaving the city life behind…  the air is just a bit thinner, it’s slightly cooler, and a hint of pine wafts through the air… it feels like all is right with the world when you’re here.

As I stood on the back deck I simply marveled, once again at God’s creation… Here in the midst of these beautiful trees, overlooking a grassy knoll, and off in the distance you can see the earth pushed up over 8000 feet and there it was again.

That peace.

Mountain peace.

God’s peace.

MountainsSo which is it? Mountains or Beach?

Really, their is no right or wrong answer here as long as YOU DO answer.

Turn off the phone, the TV, the internet, and get outside. Get to that place of peace…  get away from the things that bring stress, overload, anxiety, etc

It’s out there… waiting for you to take the first step. So go to the Beach. Or go to the Mountain. Just GO… and find your peace.

Photo Apr 24, 5 36 26 PM

I’ll be out here if you need me…

15 thoughts on “Mountains or Beach?

  1. Speechless. You have such an eye for capturing the beauty of Gods handiwork. Keep sharing!! I love the beach and the ocean air . It’s very medicinal for me. But the pictures you get of the mountains . . . WOW.


  2. I’ll take the mountains!
    I love the fresh air and the smell of the trees. Beaches are OK, but I prefer the mountains! As always, I love your photographs!! Enjoy the ride buddy.


  3. Love, love, love!!:) Some days mountains…some days beach – any day is good for a ride with CP! Still waiting for that coffee table book please…..:):)


  4. Chuck! I love reading your blog, it makes me want to jump on the Harley and ride. For me it’s both, some days the mountains and some days the beach. Keep your knees to the wind my friend.


  5. Great pictures Chuck. I’ll be out in Orange County in June. Looking forward to seeing g both the mountains and the beaches in Southern California again.


  6. Love it! But for me it would be both, it would just depend on you mood. I’ve sat and watched both sunrise and sunset on a beach in Hawaii and enjoyed the peaceful serenity and the beauty of Gods creation. And have sat in a cabin in the Smokey Mountains and also enjoyed the peaceful serenity and the beauty of Gods creation and they both RULE!!!


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