When you can’t see around the corner…

It’s scary sometimes isn’t it? You’re in fog so thick that you literally can’t see around the corner… and naturally, you slow down, you tense up… fear creeps in. What if somebody hits me. What if I hit somebody else. What if I stop. What happens if I don’t. This was how I felt when a THICK fog socked me in on the Blue Ridge Parkway recently…

Parkway-2 Fog

And that’s kinda how I feel right now. Fear. Tense. What if.

I have a friend who has encouraged me to write for a few years… (in my mind I’m thinking she is just being nice) but here’s the interesting part.  She is actually a New York Times best selling author!  Maybe she DOES know what she’s talking about after all??  But what if I write stuff down and people hate it? What if.

I would usually respond to my friend with “I just take pictures and they speak for themselves.”  Or, “what am I supposed to write about” since it’s just a picture… because, well, that’s a lot easier and much safer.  Because if you “write” you may actually have to be vulnerable… (Cue the sound of Minions going Oooooooooooo)

Instagram is my friend (@chuckpryor) but I have found on my adventures that while a picture really IS worth a thousand words a “word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” Sometimes that means being vulnerable.


My desire for this blog is to add a few “fitly spoken” words to the THOUSANDS of photos that I take on my rides, trips, and walks, that I hope will inspire, or encourage you in some way. And honestly, I hope to “listen” to my own words too…

Now, leave a comment and tell me I’m awesome so I don’t bail out.


18 thoughts on “When you can’t see around the corner…

  1. I love it.. Like your mom said,you keep writing, we’ll listen. Your Grandfather was a very humble and wise man. Maybe he passed that along to you.


  2. I think your blog is EPIC. (caps intended) I have never before seen such good writing and picture taking. Thank you for your inspiration. If you get up to Washington State again give me a shout. We have several more roads that are fun and interesting that I would love to ride with you.


    1. Tom, you are too kind and I appreciate the comments… Washington State is on my short list and while I’ve done “some” I know I’ve not seen the best of it. Yes, let’s keep in touch!!


  3. Stumbled on this blog through Peter Furlers FB page and I agree with the NY Times best selling author and your mom …. write! You are as eloquent with words as you are taking pictures from what I’ve read. And yes there can be a vulnerability in writing, but that is the beauty of it. I have enjoyed several of your posts … thank you.


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